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The famous British writer and poet, Rudyard Kipling*, told us in 1902 how the elephant got his trunk on the banks of the “great, grey-green, greasy Limpopo River”.   This same majestic river is seasonal. It occasionally runs dry, which enables you to stand on its sand bed with one foot in South Africa and the other in Botswana.

On this river, you will find, Tolile, a bushveld lodge.  Tolile is a Tswana word meaning.  “I have found it!”. It is perfectly situated on a bend in this Limpopo River, where wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles and abundant water birds like Fish Eagles, King Fishers, ducks and geese thrive. The lush gardens that surrounds the lodge further enhances the peaceful tranquillity.  In the late afternoon you will be able to enjoy sundowners on the outside deck as you watch the vibrant colours of the African sun setting over the river. It is a perfect place to recap a successful and productive day of hunting, fishing, birding, or photographic activities. To round off your day a gourmet dinner will be served either round the fire, or in the luxury of the lodge’s spacious dining area.

Tolile is now synonymous with superior hunting Trophies.  Here you will find a variety of Roland Ward animals such as buffalo, sable and roan antelope. Other animals not often seen in Trophy rooms, like black and white impala, golden gnu, and golden oryx also abound.

You are invited to join us all at Tolile as you begin a journey of a lifetime and discover a second home.

You too will say, TOLILE! I have found it – I have found the place I have been looking for.


* Nobel prize winner and author of Jungle book and the just so stories